Trade Control Utility
A list of system capabilities
Edition of TCU
New in the TCU-3
Enhanced capabilities of TCU from the "Start" to "Ultra"
Model of trade and inventory control TCU
Variants of using TCU
Detailed accounting model
Compressed model accounting
Installing TCU
Terms and definitions used in the TCU
Registration and Technical Support
Functional modules
Ordering system
Ribbon - menu "Home"
Ribbon - menu "Create"
Ribbon - menu "Reference"
Ribbon - menu "Operations"
Quick start
Filling the main directories
System Settings
The practical part (working with TCU)
Acceptance of goods at the warehouse
Shipment of goods
Transfer of goods from one warehouse to another
Income in cash
Payments from the cash
Funds transfer
Debt management
Revaluation and recalculation
Recalculation of residues
Routes and route lists
Work with barcodes
Bundle documents
Directory Price
Advices and useful techniques
Context menu
Customizing tables
Difference between the register of goods and the directory of goods
Copying of documents and lists of invoices
Shortcut keys and quick access to menu
Do you know that ...
Act of revaluation
Act of recalculation
Client choice
Main form
Order from a client
Ordering to the supplier
Goods selection tool
Results of the cash
Results for warehouse
Card movement of goods - tab "Details"
Card movement of goods - tab "Movement of goods"
Client card - tab "Contact info"
Client card - tab "Data for the calculations"
Client Client - tab "Delivery point"
Client card for settlements
Route card
User card - tab "General rights"
User card - tab "Access points and the right of Operation"
User card - tab "Other rights"
Card of goods - tab "Details"
Card of goods - tab "Residues at points"
Card of goods - tab "Weight, volume, packaging"
Card point of sale - tab "General Information"
Card point of sale - tab "Fiscal data"
Card point of sale - tab "Requisites"
Card point of sale - tab "Document Numbering"
Card point of sale - tab "TCU Mobile"
Cash order - payment
Cash order - transfer
Cash order - entry
Cash order - debt management
Route list
Report Wizard
Invoice to the transfer
Purchase Invoice
Sales Invoice
Settings - section "Interface"
Settings - section "Lists and tables"
Settings - section "Reports"
Settings - section "Links and paths"
Settings - section "Requisites"
Settings - section "Bank requisites"
Settings - section "Money and prices"
Settings - section "Setting the warehouse model"
Settings - section "Price List"
List of documents
List of clients for settlements
List of route lists
Car Directory
Directory client groups
Directory groups of outlets
Directory of units
Directory clients
Directory of routes
Directory of articles
Users directory
Directory of goods
Directory outlets
Financial result

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