Filling the main directories



Directories commodity group

1. Directory of client groups

2. Directory of clients

Directories client group

3. Directory of units

4. Directory of good's groups

5. Directory of goods

Other directories

6. Directory of outlets

7. Directory of users

8. Directory of articles



 Directory of client groups


 Group of clients - a sign by which combined customers in the TCU. In the program, all clients are in the same directory, so it is convenient to introduce a criterion by which to distinguish between a group of clients, as well as use it for analysis in the report.

 To add a user in the directory, set the cursor to the last line of the list with an asterisk (*) and enter the name.







Directory of clients


 To add a new client, click on "Enter the new. "




 In the opened card customer fill in the fields and make the data tabs Bank data (used for tax documents), "Data for the calculations (you can set the deferral of debt and the value of the credit limit),"Points of Delivery "(used for routing).




 Continue filling the directory clients. Try, at this stage to introduce as many clients and make them for the most complete information.







Directory of units


 Each item is measured in physical units. Therefore, before entering the goods must be as fully as possible to describe the list, then entering a new product will be convenient to choose EI from the drop down list.

 To add a unit to the directory, set the cursor to the last line of the list with an asterisk (*) and enter the name.







Directory of good's groups


 To create a new group of goods in the directory products, you should click the "New group"







 To add the next group should be allocated to the group tree, point to "All groups" and then again click the " New group ".

 Sometimes it is convenient to use subgroups of the goods. In this case, one large group is divided into several subgroups, whose number is unlimited. Also, do not limit the depth of embedding subgroups, ie each of them can be cut into several others. However, for practical reasons you should not create more than 3 subgroups.

 To create a subgroup, you must select the parent group, and then click the "New group".







Directory of goods


 To introduce a new product in the directory, click on "new product "




 The following card products will also be opened from a credit invoice, in the case when the point of sale have a new product with which the company previously did not work. Try more fully describe the goods, indicating the price of directory (later used in the expenditure invoice for the sale of a category of customers), the weight and volume (allow us to estimate the vehicle load, and also used in the formation of a block list).

 As a recommendation to create a product name - try not to complicate it, and sure to put the main part (usually a noun) at the beginning of the title.







Directory of outlets


 Under trade point can be understood as a warehouse, shop, office, or even a bank account. All information relating to the retail outlets, are given in the directory of outlets. Point at the request may be combined into groups.




 Pay attention to completing the details on the outlet, because these data will be used in commercial and cash instruments.







Directory of users


 TCU supports the system of separate access and when players are available to different users different rights for various retail outlets, as well as access various features. Therefore, this handbook should be given special attention.        




 In the left pane of the tab "Access points, and the right of operation" from the drop down list, choose the right outlets. After you select it in the right pane for it to install the required permissions to operations. According to this scheme is setting the permissions of the current user for other outlets. After clicking "Apply" the settings take effect, the points become available to the user.




 For the initial startup TCU in the directory of users already present a user named "1 " and an administrator. Made it possible to add new users. Once a user (or multiple users) an administrator can enter new or edit existing users in the system. Other users of the menu item "Directory of users" in general unavailable. Therefore, you need to edit the name, then be sure to set the password to the user named "1".

 Remember that only the administrator can work with user accounts (add, delete, edit). Right to work with merchants, traders and financial documents to determine not sure if this user does not work directly in the program. Can retain only the right to view.







 Each of the users can continue to change the password. This can be done at the entrance to the TCU program at the welcome screen by clicking "Change Password".







Directory of articles


 Articles - a group of movements of money and goods. For example, the cost to pay for fuel, to pay staff salaries, utilities, electricity, etc.

 Articles are active and passive. Active - Articles settlements with clients, and in such articles by you and the client can alternately act as an active party, such as trucking. Passive - payments for such items does not lead to the client's indebtedness. For those items you always stay in the red and no one will not return the money. For example, the article "Business trips, " by which you pay your employees or travel article "Gasoline" by which the money is spent on fuel for your fleet vehicles.

 Articles are used to generate reports. By creating such an article, "Employees"and be dismissed for her money, you can always report to see your costs for this item - salaries, bonuses, employees for any period of time.

 To add the article to the directory, set the cursor to the last row of the list and enter the name of the new article.