Trade Control Utility



 The program "Goods Prices, Accounting ..." - an efficient information system for accounting and analysis. Designed to automate business activities of enterprises, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Meets the standards of trading activity. Supports stand-alone POS space. Has an extension module for collecting orders using handheld (PDA, PocketPC).

 Main purpose - keeping records storage and trading activities. Is aimed at shops and outlets (with special attention paid to the network of shops and retail outlets), warehouses (small wholesale, Wholesale, wholesale and retail), and mixed enterprises, which have one or many warehouses and retail outlets.

 Has the widest range of coverage range. Well suited for companies that sell food, dry goods, Consumer electronics, electronic components and other goods.




1. Map residues of goods in any warehouse or shop at any date as to each warehouse separately and as a whole. In a quantitative and monetary terms.
2. Mapping the flow of goods for any period of time, as one retail outlet, so and in general. In a quantitative and monetary terms.
3. Acceptance of the goods at any of the storage from any vendor.
4. Transfer goods from one warehouse to another.
5. Shipment of goods from the warehouse to recipient.
6. Support prices in national currency and the conditional units. What is meant by "cu" You define yourself by setting course.
7. Tracking gains in national currency and the conditional units.
8. Support Project of the national currency and setting the course for 1 cu.
9. Automatic change of retail prices by changing course.
10. Maintenance of settlements with suppliers and recipients.
11. Grouping items into categories for convenience.
12. Simultaneous support for multiple jobs (networking).


This list reflects only the basic features.