Quick start



 After the user has installed the program and passed a training course on work in the TCU with a training database, it could go to cleaning the database of case studies, educational products, training clients and others to start work at TCU with real data.

 After cleaning, before the user gets the first task - to fill the main directory of the program. Without these guides, full work program is impossible. For example, to conduct a simple movement of goods (for the first time to get it from supplier) you must have a description of this product. In the description of the goods necessary to specify not only its name but also one of the most important detail - the measurement unit and a group of products to which it will belong. The conclusion is - must be at an appropriate place to have a list of those most categories and units, and already then you can add a directory of the product itself.

 Undergo the procedure of filling in the necessary reference information quickly and easily allows you to master the initial filling of the directories. It briefly and illustrated with examples of what each directory TCU.

 Here are invited to fill in only the most basic reference books, which are indispensable for work in the TCU. References there are many more, you can fill in the rest later.