The increasing demands for processing speed and accuracy of filling product documentation for a large assortment of goods, as well as the desire to eliminate operator error when typing overhead led to a TCU module to integrate products with bar codes. The basic idea is that each product that passes by registration in the program corresponds to a bar code (a sequence of black and white stripes, representing some of the information in a form suitable for reading by technical means - barcode scanner).

Currently, virtually all manufacturers put on the packaging bar code that uniquely identifies the product. It has been specially designed specifically to be used in trade to account for the goods. The most commonly used is code EAN-13, the code is based on the following information:


Prefix of a national organization GS1 (3 digits);
Registration number of producer goods (4-6 digits);
Product Code (3-5 digits);
Check digit (1 digit) and additional field.


 In the TCU single product can have several barcodes, such as a bar code on the box and the barcode on the packaging unit. For any of these codes will be selected by one and the same item. The program not only supports current models of USB-scanners, and scanners, the previous standard OPOS. For the cashier's workplace, you can use a special application ShopDesk, specially designed for easy and convenient work place cash.

 Learn more - in the Help topic "Work with barcodes".