If the company is engaged in wholesale trade, then surely it is engaged and delivery of goods. The scheme works roughly as follows: sales representative visit clients and take their requests for goods. Then - either at the end of the day they bring the application by the operator, after which they are processed manually or in the TCU Mobile (using a PDA), these requests are transmitted in real time on the server, where they formed the basis of spending bills to customers. The result of processing in both the first and second cases is a list of invoices, according to which the product is collected and loaded on cars, razvozyaschie goods to customers. Naturally, at this stage acutely raises the question of optimizing the loading of cars, optimization of the traffic route. Also, when designing the optimal route is an important factor in reducing fuel consumption and reduction in delivery time.

 Practical work with the routes and routing is described in the help section "Routes and route lists".