Ordering system



 The problem is as follows. You are drawn to the customer request to purchase a particular product, which is available at the moment, and you are ready to give this product a bit later, order it from their supplier. To do this, make out a client order. The client can pay in advance, in which case you enter a cash receipt document, and our firm before that client is receivable in the amount of payment. A client can not pay the full amount, it may be a deposit. All this is reflected in the card settlement. When the product is received and the client to pick and pay, the debt will be closed.

 At TCU ordering system works, mainly in the accounting system of mobile commerce and distribution for PDAs TCUMobile, which allows the sale to take payment and send applications to the head office in real time.

 In this case, the collected sales representative customer orders are processed by the operator and based on them are spending bills for the customer.




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