Settlement System allows you to track the correspondence between the commodity and cash flow, to calculate the customer's indebtedness to the firm or the firm's debt to the customer on the basis of cash and cash turnover.

 In carrying out warehouse (sales) and cash transactions the question always arises, how correlated the movement of goods (receipt and delivery) with cash payments, as relates to commodity profits (obtained from the sale of goods, as the difference between procurement and retail price, multiplied by the quantity of goods) and financial profit (the difference between the proceeds from the sale money (those who pay buyers) and money spent on the various needs (procurement of goods, petrol, wages, taxes, etc.)?

 For example, over a period of released goods to the buyer in the amount of 5000 rubles., commodity profit on sales amounted to 1000 rubles., but it has received from customers 4800 rub (200 rubles the indebtedness), even at 4000 rubles. was purchased new goods, transportation and other costs amounted to 100 rubles., the salary was paid the sum of 200 rubles. What we eventually left? Calculate: 4800-4000-100-200=500 rubles. Thus, we have the following data: commodity earnings 1000 rub. Net profit 500 rub., Debt clients 200 rubles. Described in more detail in the Help topic "Settlements".