Do you know that ...


... name native currency can easily change the settings of the system. To do this in the "Directories", click on the tape "Settings" button. In "Money and Prices" (available only to the administrator) in the Name field of the monetary unit "enter its currency, for example," USD. " and click Apply.


... button on the ribbon context menu allows access to the most frequently used functions relating to the current open document.


... You can quickly ship the goods, noting them in the registry, and then selecting "Quick commissioning" - "Add Items to New Invoice" context menu click.


... select items in the registry or documents in other forms with a list of items or documents may be using the mouse, hold down "Shift" or "Ctrl"


... if the registry double-click on the product, the card will open the movement of goods


... incoming and outgoing invoices can be done with the course ue different from inline


... in the invoices and lists of documents to hide the sidebar, clicking on the "Auto Hide". The panel will re-appear when your mouse to the edge of the screen.


... not necessarily on point of sale to trademark registration. For each outlet can be carried out either only trademark registration, or just cash, or both he and the other at the same time (but constant).


... change the name of the product, its category, units and reference retail prices can be directly from the card movement. To do this, select the desired item in the registry, and then double-click.


... help for each form of the TCU can be invoked by pressing F1


... in the registry and other lists, you can use filters to select the goods or documents on any grounds


... filters may also contain part of the name or product category, while the list will show all products whose names contain that part of the overall


... the full list of documents in the side panels can be flags marking those types of documents that need to be displayed. Lack of check boxes like all types of documents noted.


... in order to remove the filter, simply remove the filter text and press Enter


... double-click the main menu ("Home", "Creation," "Directories") collapses or expands the tape


... many buttons, ribbons are dropdown lists that extend the functionality of the buttons


... tabs can be closed using a combination of buttons Ctrl + F4. Switching between tabs - Ctrl + Tab


... for the convenience of all the lists do not contain complete lists of documents and lists only for the selected period. The number of days is set by default in system settings tab "interface." At the same time, in any form during the show can be changed to the desired manual.


... when you double-click on the date field will open calendar


... if you often deliver the goods to the same recipient, it can be specified in the parameters of the system as a recipient of the "default". Click on "Interfaces" in System Preferences and select the recipient from the list for the field "Recipient of the goods by default."


... if the overhead some of the fields you seem superfluous (for example, if accounting is only one currency), just move them with the mouse, moving it in the header fields.


... incoming and outgoing invoices can be viewed also from the customer's card on settlements.


... the number and width of a column of any list, you can customize to your liking. All changes are saved.


... in the Invoice overhead provider included in the amount of overhead, and our overhead costs are not included.


... documents can be marked with flags, noting their degree of importance or attracting the attention of operators.


... bill will pass through the warehouse, if you click on "hold". Until that time, introduced bill has no power. The same applies to cash documents


... all system operations are reversible. For example, if the goods were shipped from the warehouse, there is always an opportunity to roll back the transaction. To do this, use the button "Undo" in the overhead.


... if a bill to double click on the field of goods, it opens a powerful tool for the selection of goods.


... shipment of goods on consignment for customers at a discount conveniently carried out by selecting the appropriate price from the directory in the "Choice of retail prices" in the expenditure bill.


... product Directory contains 5 prices for each product for ease of forming a system of discounts.


... if you stick to a stable trading margins, set it in the System Preferences (under "Data for" - "mark-up by default). Then when you enter the goods in a credit invoice retail price for each item will automatically increase with respect to the purchase price on a specified percentage. Then you can replace the retail price for the desired (if necessary) manually.


... for each user of the system can assign permissions so that he can see only a few outlets and do not see the rest.


... for the user to assign rights to other users, he needs to ask the right administrator. To do this, select the desired user ("Directories" - "Community", open the card user ("Edit" button) and check the box for the "Administration".


... even the administrator does not know the password. The user can ask your password at first logon. To do this, use the "Change Password" in the authorization form.


... reports can be exported into various file formats


... once you create a new point of sale (the "Directories" - button "Point"), for it opens automatically and cash.


... If you are using bank accounts and want to display on them and the remnants of the movement in the TCU, create multiple points of sale ("Directories" - button "Outlets"), which correspond to your bank account. Call these points it is convenient according to the name of banks and accounts. You can then enter the posting according to your bank movement.


... transfer money from the cash register one outlet to another can be using the "Transfer" pull-down menu, click "Checkout" (menu "Create")


... if you want to force the debt of the client (for example, after entering the debris and started to TCU), use the item "debt management" drop-down menu, click "Checkout" (menu "Create").


... cancellation of degraded products are conveniently through acts of conversion of residues (the menu "Create" - "Acts of re-conversion" - "The act of conversion")


... if you need to take into account the additional storage options for the same goods (eg storage space, shelf space) is convenient to use the reserve fields. To do this in the system settings in "Setting the warehouse model" include the right amount of redundant fields and name them as you see fit.


... if for every important supplier of goods, for example, when you take the goods to the realization, and then pass the goods have their own distributors (the so-called regime "through implementation), the mode of grouping of products by the supplier can be included in the system settings tab" Settings storage model. "