Shortcut keys and quick access to menu



 Following the best traditions of the office applications, the TCU supports quick access to menu items and buttons on the tape using the keyboard. Access is implemented using standard component interface - the tape. It is as simple to understand and memorize the user and allows the use of TCU without a mouse, which speeds up access to various features of the program.

 Visual hints to menu items and components of tape are displayed in the form of letters, all in close proximity to the element to which they relate. Caused prompt by pressing Alt on the keyboard. By pressing a letter or letter combination indicated in the tooltip, you activate the item as if clicked on it with the left mouse button:



 Tips are created so that they are easy to remember. Usually this is the first letter of the menu item or tape. If the first letter can be the same for multiple items, then the first two letters of the name, such as in the screenshot above - Create, Directories. If the name of the element consists of two words, then take the first letter of each word.

Suppose you want to go to the menu item "Create". To do this, start typing the Cyrillic letter "C" and "O" (regardless of the current layout). You'll be directed to the ribbon menu "Create":



 Similarly - to open a new Purchase Invoice, click on "P" and "H ". To open the "New route - click "H", "M". Thus, access to the most frequently used functions can remember or even guess about the possible clues. And now, if you need to create Purchase Invoice, it is enough to type on the keyboard Alt + SOPN. Try it - it's easy.