Copying of documents and lists of invoices



 In our daily activities often have a situation where operators are working with the same type of documents, as well as with similar lists of of goods. To facilitate routine work on a set of invoices, especially for large lists of of goods, as well as to eliminate mechanical errors in the TCU, the possibility of rapid creation of documents. The idea is that you can create a document based on another (approved) by changing only its type. For example, it is possible to create:


Sales Invoice based on a Purchase Invoice
Transfer Invoice on  on a Purchase Invoice
Sales Invoice based on the Transfer Invoice at this point of sale
Sales Invoice based on client order


 In this case, being in the approved bill, which is a template for creating a new document, you must click on the ribbon context menu click "Create the sales on the basis ...". Either from the shortcut menu, caused by a right mouse button, click the relevant paragraph:





 This will create a new document that contains details and a list of of goods from the template.



 There is also a possibility to copy the lists of of goods from invoices. This function is similar to working with files in Explorer Windows. Enough with the mouse to select one or more rows with the goods in a standard way, using the Shift and Ctrl, then by clicking the right mouse button on the shortcut menu, select "Copy. " Selected records of goods will be copied to the clipboard. After that, any other invoice previously copied items can be added to the list of of goods the current invoice. In this case, the shortcut menu item, use the "Insert".




 This feature can also be used with reports. In some cases it is convenient to use the list of goods produced in the report in order to create on its basis, such as Sales Invoice. In the report, right-click on the shortcut menu, select "Copy. " The list of of goods will be copied to the clipboard.



 You can then create a new Sales Invoice and insert into it a list of of goods.