Difference between the register of goods and the directory of goods



 One of the factors of effective interaction with the accounting system and understanding how it works is a clear orientation in terms and definitions. In this certificate there is a section - Terms and definitions used in the TCU.However you want to supplement it, explaining what the difference between the roster of goods from the directory of goods.

 Directory of goods - is the list of goods ever passed through your system, sort of part of the history of trading activity of the enterprise. Even if the motion on such a product you have never been, it still may be present in the directory.

 Typically, the number of of goods in the directory exceeds the number of products on the roster, or equal to it. It's like an alphabet with letters - the alphabet the number of available characters is usually greater than the number of unique characters in an ordinary article in the newspaper or magazine.

 The register shows the goods had ever move in the accounting system (expence, arrival). Products with zero in the registry of goods are hidden by default (you can open, enable the "On a zero balance).


 Prices of goods on the roster - the real, actual to date prices of real of goods. In contrast, the reference prices (5 of them) are one of the additional characteristics of the goods and shall be indicated in each commodity. They are used in those cases, if you use the discount. Every reference price may be called on their own - for example, "retail ", "Discount card", "Opt", "Postponement", "action" and further to use profiled price when the goods are shipped. Selecting the profile "action", all items in the consignment note in the "Price" to assign a value, prescribed in Action " for each goods . This feature allows you to quickly and correctly install a pre-determined price at a discount "Action". More details about the reference price read the help section Directory prices.

 Please note that when shipping bill, which has a retail price of the goods, other than the price of this commodity on the roster, the system will generate an act of re-evaluation of this product into the sum of the differences. Overestimate exactly the amount of goods being shipped. More - in the article "Shipment of goods"

 Reference prices to avoid errors and manual selection of prices when the entire list of goods discount is only done on a particular product. In this case, will be available to drop-down list of the reference prices, and prices on the roster. In some cases, such as Invoice, you can see the history of purchase prices of the goods with an indication of the price action and the date of approval of the document.