Shipment of goods



 The first step in the tree of outlets turn on the point at which goods are sold by us, and then select the menu "Create" and the tape click the "Sales Invoice".




 Another way to open the Sales Invoice - in wood shops, select the point at which the sale. Right-click on the register of goods in the menu that appears, click the "Enter the new" in the next menu, select "Sales Invoice".

 Another way - by using the Shift and (or) Ctrl distinguish mouse sold goods, and then press the right mouse button in the menu that appears, select "Quick entering"- "Add Items to Invoice (add products to the public prior Invoice) or "Add items to the new Invoice (opens a new Invoice with selected products).




Tip           Need to make sure you have the right to take receipt goods on the outlet. User rights set by the administrator of the program TCU in Directory of users - the procedure described in detail in the help section "Filling the main directories"


 Suppose we do deliver goods. From the client received an order for oranges and tangerines. In accordance with this order will create a Sales Invoice. Come on classical way - indicates point of sale in retail outlets tree, select the menu "Create" and the tape click the "Sales Invoice":




 In the "Recipient" has substituted the client system once the beneficiary by default (see the system setup, under "Interface"). Choose the correct client - click the next to the name:




 Type in the name of the client, and then click the "Apply Filter" or click "Show All " to display a full list of clients:




 After the customer's choice of the recipient as the point of delivery (set in card of client, on the tab "Delivery Points") which is used in the formation route conveying of goods. More information about routes, see the section "Routes and route lists". Do not forget to write the article and the base.




 We begin to introduce products to the list. In the "product" can start a set of names. This automatically opens the form "tool to choose goods with typed value. This form can also be called by pressing the button in the "Goods":




Tip           In the expenditure bill, unlike a credit invoice selection of goods made ​​from the register of of goods on the outlet. In a credit invoice items are selected from the directory of of goods. Of the difference between registry of goods from the directory of goods can be found in the corresponding Help topic.


 After entering the of goods and the quantity click the "hold " on the ribbon context menu "Sales Invoice"




 In case of successful adoption of the document will be issued an appropriate message. Then you can print the invoice, tax invoice, as well as move to the settlements with the client. More - in the Help topic Settlements

 In cases where payment of the invoice arrives immediately, it is possible directly from the Invoice open the cash register receipt and accept the money order is cashed. More details on this procedure is described in Help topic Cash income.



 TCU supports a variety of ways to use the retail prices. To explain more about what this means, consider the example of working with a client on the deferred payment scheme. Suppose the specified client in accordance with the contract work with deferred payment in 14 days, ie client to pay for goods within the specified time stated in the card of client, see "Data for the calculations. When exceeding a given time period and if the debt of the client, ie, lack of payment on this bill, the next shipment goods this client system is blocked.

 So, according to the contract work for a delay. However, in this case the client does not release the goods at the retail price, and for a reference price, "Retail-delay", which is usually above the shop window. In order not to keep in mind the prices for different categories of customers, card of goods rigidly defined the very same reference prices, for example, "Showcase, " "retail-delay", "retail-fact", etc.

 Before the beginning of entry of goods in the consignment note in the sidebar from the dropdown list for setting retail prices of choice, select the "Delay". Since then, all entered in this consignment of goods in the "retail price" will be inserted is not the price on the roster, and the reference price, "Postponement".



 We introduce the same scheme the same products as in the example above:



 As can be seen, the prices were substituted, other than those that were given in the example above. Prices are taken from the reference price "Postponement " for each product.


Tip         To quickly open a card goods and, consequently, access to reference prices to press the right mouse button in the row in the product and on the shortcut menu, select "Card goods. " You can also click the "Card goods" on the ribbon context menu "Sales Invoice".


In approving the bill you will see a message that "The retail price for the goods" Orange Moroccan "is different from the price at the register. on the roster - 5,00 UAH on consignment - 5,10. Shipping will be possible only after a reassessment of the specified quantity of this goods. " The meaning of the message that because we sell the goods at a price different from the Roster (due to the fact that the client takes a delay of payment), the sale of goods will only be possible after the change of its price. Price of goods can change, but necessarily for the event included an act of revaluation. This act will be created automatically when you agree to continue the shipment. Each item of this bill, whose price differs from the Roster shall be caught in the act of re-evaluation of the quantities in which it is present in the expenditure bill. More about the revaluation, see the section "Revaluation, recalculation goods".