Transfer of goods from one warehouse to another



 Transmission is similar in many respects with the operations of shipment. The only difference is that when the goods are shipped, he spent on the external recipient, and transfer it spread to the other point of sale system. And if the point at which we hand over the goods, this operation appears as an expense, then for points, which was handed over the goods, the operation of the transfer appears as a parish.


 How to transfer? The roster of products, the tree of outlets you need to click a point on which there are transmitted us the goods and with which we want to transfer the goods. Next - select "Create" and click on the tape the "Invoice".


 Another way to open an invoice for the transfer - in wood shops, select a point. Right-click on the register of goods in the menu that appears, click the "Enter the new" in the next menu, select "Invoice for the transfer" in this case opens with a bill already introduced by the selected goods.


 Another way - by using the Shift and (or) Ctrl highlight the mouse sent the goods, then press the right mouse button in the menu that appears, select "Quick commissioning" - "Add items to an invoice for the transfer" (to add products to the public prior to the invoice transfer) or "Add Items to a new invoice for the transfer" (opens a new bill to the transfer of selected items).


Tip           Need to make sure you have the right to transfer goods on the outlet. User rights set by the administrator of the program TCU in Directory of users - the procedure described in detail in the the Help topic "Filling the main directories"


 Suppose you want to transfer tea in packages of 250 grams per retail outlet, "Warehouse 2. Open a new invoice for the transfer:


 Using the tool of choice goods, we choose products that contain in their names with the substring "250 ", which means the weight of the package.



 Affirm the invoice (the button "hold " on a tape-up menu). Following the approval of the goods transferred can be seen at point of sale "Warehouse 2 ":