In TCU realized the idea of ​​simple, clear and understandable accounting, in which the user can see the complete picture information, as well as a full picture of what is happening and on the basis of all this to make quick and correct decisions.

 Cash transactions can not simply track the movement of money and fund the cash outlets, but also to produce a simple but at the same time a deep and detailed analysis of their own financial affairs. Under the cash transactions in the system are defined as any money transactions, and not just those that are directly related to the cash register.

 This program allows for multiple outlets or stores. Number of points within reasonable limits is not limited, in fact it is restricted by the user. Once the new outlet is added to the directory, it can lead to a commodity (storage) and financial (cash) transactions. No special action to establish a warehouse or cash at this point do not need to produce, store and ticket office for the newly created point of sale created automatically by the system.


Tip         You do not have to be based on a given point in the operation of the warehouse and cash at the same time. Can only lead warehouse operations or cash only, or both, and others. This system is operated by the main principle - as close as possible to user when working with the program to act naturally, when the user does not have to adjust their thinking and mode of action under the program. The fact that the user has made to use the program without any changes, he has to do with the program, only much more efficiently, getting rid of routine operations and intermediate calculations that the program should take.


 The main cash transactions, which implements the TCU - it advent (income) in cash and expense (payments) from the cash register. Since in general retail outlets in the system may be a few, it is also possible to transmit (transfer) money from the cash register one point to another cash point. For example, a shop in the evening delivers revenue to the head office - a typical example of a transfer operation.

 Cashier able to record directly on the two currencies, in other words, cash has two separate pockets. One of them kept the national currency, in another - equivalent units (U.S. dollars, Euros, U.S. Dollars - You will choose what is meant by "conditional units").


 All transactions made with external suppliers and recipients (combined concept - "contractors", ie persons who are the opposite party in a transaction, commodity or currency) reflected in the mutual with these contractors. Using the tracking mechanism for settlement of arrears and the possibility to track all the commodity-money relations with customers, automatically calculate the total activity, expressed in a specific monetary amount for any date. Thus you can always keep track of prepayment of debt for delivered goods, partial payments and, as a result - partial debt. More information - see "Settlements."


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