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 To enter a new article, place the cursor to the bottom line of the list and enter a name and specify the type of articles (active, passive)

 Under article can be understood in the transaction type (commercial or monetary) for further grouping and retrieval system reports. For example, you can specify such items - Payments to suppliers "," Payment of shipments, "" Gasoline ", etc. Payments on the active object (first 2 of these) lead to a change in arrears. Payments on a passive object does not lead to changes in debt and are not visible in the card  settlement client. When and why to use passive article? To account for the ongoing overhead costs. For example, the purchase of gasoline, travel expenses, salaries, etc. Making payments on a passive paper, it is believed that the necessary service provided at this track service availability in the "Goods prices, account ..." not necessary. Convenient to introduce a client system "overhead" and drop all payments to it, using a variety of passive article. Typical passive items are travel expenses, salaries, bonuses, fees for electricity, for water, rent, etc.

 A check mark in the row to delete this article from a list of articles in trade and cash instruments.


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