Card of goods - tab "Details"



1. Name of goods in the TCU.

Checking the "Private", delete this item from the list of goods to the selection tool of trade documents, ie, to choose this product it will be impossible.
Marking and sign the returnable packaging. Returnable packaging - a product which is container. For example, such a product as "Mineral Water 0.5 L" can be divided into two separate of goods - "Mineral Water 0.5 l " and "glass bottles of 0.5 liters, which in the register of goods will be in different rows. This item is excluded from turnover during the formation of the tax bill.
The roster of products this product can be identified by specifying the color and font size than the standard. Used to attract the attention of the operators or for another purpose. The set values ​​are taken into account if the system settings in the group "lists and tables" check box "Font and color of goods. "

2. Group of goods and unit of measure. Method of forming a price - more about working with the reference price read the help section Directory prices

3. Prices for the directory. Used in the expenditure invoice when choosing a price for a particular category of customers. Also, reference prices, along with Roster price seen in the drop-down menu when choosing a retail price of the goods. Price list allows you to create a tough bunch of prices with a reference price (the first in the list), in this case the price of "Showcase".

4. Barcode of goods. Since the product can be encoded and the manufacturer, and us (using the internal accounting of goods in the program), then a single product can be assigned multiple values​​. All of them are entered in the list. In rare cases, a small number of manufacturers of bar code on the package does not have a reference value, so in this case, you must check the "Do not check the checksum" in front of the bar code.


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