Ribbon - menu "Reference"



Tip           Depending on the wording TCU3 program functionality may be limited, because of what the ribbon and the menu may differ from those listed below. This reference guide describes the features in the wording of "Ultra", which has full functionality. More information about the possibilities of the program - in the Help topic Edition of TCU.




 On this ribbon focused buttons that provide access to system directories. Size of the buttons on the tape vary depending on the size of tape and may differ from those shown in the figure.


Group "Client Group"


Client Group - opens reference of client groups
New goods - card of goods when entering a new of goods


Group "Outlets"


Group of outlets - opens list of groups of outlets
Outlets - reference of outlets


Group of "Commodity Group"


Units - reference of units
Reference of goods - reference of goods


The group "Other"


Articles - reference of articles
Cars - reference of cars
Routes - reference of routes


Group "Settings"


Users- reference of users

Settings - settings of system