Context menu



 In most forms (roster of products, lists, documents, product documentation) - mostly those with which there are lists, in addition the auxiliary function - the popup menu. Called it by pressing the right mouse button. Contains menu items that are available in the main menu and toolbars, but they are grouped in a way that allows the user to make the most anticipated, most likely for this form of action - for example, being in the list of documents you can adopt a group of selected documents, set a breakpoint, away by the filter only expense receipts, etc.




 Being in the expenditure invoice, using the context menu you can open the card movement of the selected product, go to the card on settlements with the current client, add the associated container (if the goods "tied " packaging).




 In the register of goods context menu allows you to quickly add the selected items in the expenditure bill, look up at the warehouse and office, go to the list of goods or cash documents on many others.



 Working context menus and reports. Right-clicking directly on the report, you can choose the action that applies to the records - to zoom, print, export, etc.


 Do not forget to use the context menu. It will save you time - no need to delve into the menu and look for the action you want to do with this or that document.