Recalculation of residues



 The act of recalculation residues can be opened from the main menu, select "Create"- "Acts of revaluation-recalculation"- "The act of recalculation residues".




 Or, select the required goods in the main form, the list of goods and by right-clicking the mouse, click the popup context menu item "Enter the new"- "The act of recalculation residues. When the form enter the goods to be recalculated. In the "difference", enter the amount goods to be written off. Or just enter the new values ​​of the field " Quantity after". Negative values ​​in the "Difference" means an increase in residues on the stock.





 Following the approval of the document in the register immediately displays the changes in goods quantities.


Tip       Need to make sure you have the right to conduct operations on Restatement residues. User rights set by the administrator of the program TCU in Directory of users - the procedure described in detail in the the Help topic "Filling the main directories"