Variants of using TCU



 Using the system in a one-point version.


leftleftThe program is designed to support multiple outlets, but the option of using it to account for only one outlet is quite common. Any fundamental differences in the system in a one-point and multipoint option does not exist.

 Turning-point to multipoint system is quite simple - by adding a directory of stores and outlets of one more point. The advantage of single-point system is the ease of accounting organization. Documents are concentrated, usually in one place, for all the work is usually answered by one person, an extract of overhead carried out in real time, on the basis of which it is easy to get a true picture of the account at any time.

 Let us only a few points start. Certain time is taken as the starting. Suppose that we begin to operate the system from April 1, 2008. It is obvious that on the morning of April 1, the system must already be present remains of the warehouse, cash balances, debt customers, and our debt to our customers.

 To bring the system to this state is very comfortable with the wizard of the initial input residues. The wizard is as follows. It creates a virtual provider Enter residues and using a credit bill introduced into the system balances the goods on a warehouse. With cash transactions, where the contractor performs all the same provider Enter residues "enter the required debt clients, as well as introduce the cash balance. The debt-client "Entering residues after these operations is canceled, the customer" input remains "closed.

 It is important that these operations were carried out with a date at the date of commissioning, ie before April 1.



       Using the system multipoint version.


leftleftThis actually is the subject of conversation. Problems for users begin precisely when the question arises, as well as actually organize records? What do we want to achieve, what data and how quickly we want to see what plan the conclusions we want to do and what decisions are taken? As practice shows, there are only three accounting model in multipoint option: a concise, detailed, and mixed. Dwell on each of them. So...