Model of trade and inventory control TCU



       As you accumulate some experience in running the warehouse system in operation, it became apparent that not enough to acquire a good storage program, in addition to properly organize the maintenance of records to enable system at full capacity.

       Go to the reservation that TCU - this system is not only a warehouse, a system of complex automation of accounting in the conduct of business commercial orientation. Historically, that trade accounting system called the "warehouse", although apart from actually moving the warehouse operations, accounting systems are able to trade much more. Just look at the list of opportunities and the same TCU1 and TCU2.

       This section contains some comments and recommendations on the problems often encountered when installing software locally. Despite the fact that when choosing software people first pay attention to the list of system capabilities, usability, speed, ease of learning, etc., have traditionally paid little attention to the action (or series of actions) to launch such a system in real operation. When the decision is "run", installers and users with these problems come face to face, not having a plan of action. If the installer is no longer conducts first installation of the system, is well acquainted with its possibilities, the work is progressing much faster and easier. Recommendations on organization of accounting designed specifically for beginners to immediately indicate in what direction they move, to avoid mistakes and weight of extra work.