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Tip         Depending on the wording TCU3 functionality of the program may be limited, because of what the tape and the menu may differ from those listed below. This reference guide describes the features in the wording of "Ultra", which has full functionality. More information about the possibilities of the program - in the Help topic Edition of TCU.




 On this tape focused buttons that provide access to the main sections of the program. Size of the buttons on the tape vary depending on the size of tape and may differ from those given in the figure.


Group "Basic"


Register Product - open the registry Product
Full list of documents - a list of documents of all types (commodity and cash)


Group "Warehouse"


Purchase Invoice - a list only purchase Invoice
Overhead transfer - a list with only the overhead transfer
Sales Invoice - a list with only sales Invoice
Acts re-conversion - a list with only the acts of re-conversion


The "Cash"


Cash - a list of all cash instruments
Settlements - opens list of customers for settlements


Group "Misc"


Orders from customers - list orders from customers (using a system of mobile commerce applications and collect TCUMobile)
Route lists - a list of route sheets
Production - a list of documents for the production of
Card movement - if the current form has a list of the goods (inventory, invoice), and any product is selected, then clicking on the button you can call the card movement of goods. In other cases the button is not available.
Report Wizard - go to the Report Wizard.


Group "Results"


Results of the cash - Displays the outcome of the cash point of sale. The right to view set in user rights.
Results of the warehouse - shows up on the point of sale.