Expendable cash order



1. Document number and its status - approved or deferred. Number of the document can be edited.

2. Article, a sign of moving funds. "Salesman"- choose from the list of sales agent through whom the payment of funds. Tag "sales agent" is installed in the customer card.

3. Point of sale, from the cash register which payment is made.

4. Client, the recipient of funds

5. Amount in local currency. If the payment comes from the Exchanges, you can set the conversion rate.

6. Amount in cu

If the payment is from the Exchanges, to check the "Payment in cu. Then the sum of nat. currency will be converted according to the value of the field "course if you pay"

If you check the "Conversion course of" and firmly set the amount of nat. currency and in USD, then will be recalculated "rate if you pay. "

7. Number of associated (counter) document, on which there is a "closing" the amount of payment. Used only with the active articles. More - in article Bundle Documents

8. Reason for the issuance of funds from the cash register.


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