In contrast to the TCU-2, in which the reporting was implemented the principle of the master (Wizard'a), that is, all samples were done step by step, the TCU-3 by the method of using templates. With their help, you can now save the sample. Setting the selection criteria in a given report template with those samples stored and used later.

 Using templates is especially important when a single report is required promptly to produce reports with different selection criteria.

 Has also been enhanced mechanism for selecting criteria (points of sale, customers, product groups, products, etc.). For users the opportunity to sample a more flexible, making simple and clear way to complex queries that include or exclude from the sample any of the available data for this report.

 In general we can say that using the wizard allows you to generate a report simpler and clearer, and also lends flexibility in shaping the samples. Read more at our help section "Reports".