Settings - section "Reports"



VAT is included in retail prices - on / off in the reports, "Sales tax"
Isolation of even rows - alternating background brightness of even and odd lines to facilitate the visual perception of large numbers of rows
Cell borders - the border cells in the tables are displayed or not.
The numbering of pages - to display the page number.
Watermark - a background image that is printed on the report.
Font and color - here you can select options to change the design report
Show section returnable packaging in the overhead - in the expenditure invoice in the presence of returnable packaging can enable / disable the sub, which displays the data on the return packaging.
Printing reports to a TIFF file - used to connect remote locations. Eliminates the well-known problem of loss of communication with the printer when users log in text mode to a terminal server. A second advantage - not necessary to install the driver of client printers in a server (especially important because of the compatibility of 32-bit drivers for 64 bit servers). In this case report is printed to a file with TIFF, which can be transferred to the client machine and it printed. ANDRIY.CO developed utility Print-server, which is the part of the client machine "scans" folder with TIFF files, and the appearance of such a file, print it on a local client printer.
The path to a TIFF file - the directory where the file image-picture documents that you print (see previous option)


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