Barcode Terminal - app for iPhone and iPod, allowing to make this wonderful device in data collection terminal. If you have a business that is associated with the account of goods, then you might have to deal with the need to rediscounting. If the goods have barcodes, the time spent in a long, routine process of product search in paper lists, changes in number, and then transfer the data to the accounting system can be reduced by several times, at the same time increasing the accuracy of the re-registration. This may help a data collection terminal - a device that keeps a list of goods to re-register and bar codes.

In short, the process of inventory using data collection terminal schematically as follows:

  • In your accounting system you are building inventory Act (the act of converting residues) with the right product. This list you download a data collection terminal.
  • The store or warehouse you follow along the shelves with goods, scanning their barcodes. Having received barcode data collection terminal instantly finds the commodity list and displays the name, price, current inventory item number. You enter the amount of the product on the shelf and then move on to the next items. Later, if you find a previously scanned item to another shelf, the new number is added to the already entered.
  • After you download rediscount list of goods back to the accounting system. You just have to approve the act recosting rests. Inventory has been!

But, the hardware data collection terminal is quite expensive, we need to configure the software to it is not always convenient to use. And if it is used infrequently, then buying the hardware data collection terminal is not very justified. That is why the idea of ​​creating a software data collection terminal, which allows you to use your existing device (camera phone) and use it to conduct the same operations.

Video shows the work of Barcode Terminal: