Web search service names of goods

Web service search names of goods ANDRIY.CO represents a search description of the goods (names) of the barcode on it. Database barcode of goods is vast, constantly replenishes new data. The search for products that are not in the database is online. Thus, the chance to find a good description on its barcode increases in proportion to its popularity and to representation in the world network.

At the moment, the service provides a search by barcode EAN-13 format (13 digits in the code) and UPC (12 digits in the code). Scanner Barcode Terminal supports barcode recognition, and other formats, if you use them in your accounting system, but the search for the names of new products is carried out only by barcode listed above formats.

How does the service?

Hold the device with Barcode Terminal mode to scan the barcode of goods.

Fig. 1. Scanning a barcode Barcode Terminal

After recognition, barcode Barcode Terminal try to find it in the list of goods to rediscount. If the barcode is not found, you will see the following list of actions:

Fig 2. List of actions proposed search the product name using a web service ANDRIY.CO

If you accept the offer, and the search is successful, you will see the name of the product:

Fig 3. Found from the web service product description

When you save this item added to the list of goods to rediscount. Pay attention - this service is a convenience function and at carrying out rediscount is not normally used. You can disable in the application can add new products to the existing list of goods for rediscount. In this case you will not be offered search description of the goods, and will be offered to scan the next barcode.

Web search service names of goods ANDRIY.CO also offers a web form, with which you can search for product description on its barcode in normal browser - Search products by barcode.

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