Basic information

Scheme data exchange Barcode Terminal with the accounting system is as follows:

Fig. 1. The scheme of the exchange of data between the database and Barcode Terminal accounting system

An important link in this chain is Barcode Terminal Hosting . Is an application that provides data exchange between a mobile device with Barcode Terminal and a database (DB) of accounting system. It can be installed on any computer (PC), which has a connection to the database server or on the server with the database (Server, PC).

Data exchange between the Barcode Terminal Hosting and Barcode Terminal by means of web services and xml files with data about the goods.

Data exchange between the Barcode Terminal Hosting and Database is due to the direct connection of the application to the database accounting system (if TCU) or using OLE-component, which provides free ANDRIY.CO to connect to any accounting system.

More about exchange of files can be found in the Help topic "Installing and Configuring Barcode Terminal Hosting".

Communication between nodes, depicted in the diagram in any part may be either on the Internet or on a local network.

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