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This help topic describes the features of the third link in the overall scheme of interaction of three applications - accounting system.

Fig. 1. The scheme of the exchange of data between Barcode Terminal and the database accounting system

Accounting system generates a list of products in inventory and stores it in a file InventoryListToTCD.xml. This list is a Barcode Terminal. After the inventory list and unloading goods back (from the terminal data collection), the folder sharing file appears InventoryListFromTCD.xml. From this account, the system retrieves a list of products and forms the basis of the act on his inventory. In this act there is the quantity of goods on account and the actual quantity of goods. Act corrects inventory residues for the inventory, leading them to the actual number.

Learn more about working with acts, unloading and loading data - for example, TCU (Trade Control Utility).

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