Exchange files

XML-files exchange - are containers for storing data when exchanging data between the accounting system (here in after referred to the example of TCU) and Barcode Terminal Hosting.

  • When unloading data from the act inventory TCU creates a file InventoryListToTCD.xml . Its contents (list of goods on rediscount with the prices and quantities for accounting) web service is transmitted mobile device when requested them a new product list.
  • File InventoryListFromTCD.xml created by the application Barcode Terminal Hosting based on data received from the mobile device via a web service. These contain a list of goods, the main thing that - the actual quantity of goods. This list is then downloaded to the TCU, in the act recosting of rests and it compares the rests of goods, according to their accounts, and the actual quantity.

To facilitate interfacing with other accounting systems application Barcode Terminal Hosting, the lab was designed ANDRIY.CO handy tool - OLE component. With this library you can record and retrieve files from the specified XML data in the desired format. More about using OLE-component as an example - in the article Data collection terminal. OLE-component. Programming data exchange. The library of the source code can be downloaded here. Library is free.

Note: This text was obtained through by machine translation. We would appreciate any comments on the translation.