Import from TCD

Once the inventory is complete, click "Export to Database":

Fig. 1. Action menu for data exchange Barcode Terminal with Barcode Terminal Hosting

If in Windows Explorer to open the folder to exchange files between TCU and Barcode Terminal Hosting, you can see the file created InventoryListFromTCD.xml:

Fig 2. File InventoryListFromTCD.xml, created after you click the "Export to Database" in the mobile device

TCU open, select a point on which the inventory and on the ribbon tab "Main", locate and click "List of acts of revaluation-correction." The list of acts of correction remains find the previously created act and open it:

Fig. 3. Opening act previously created conversion remains

Tab in the Ribbon "Editor", find and click the "Import from TCD":

Fig. 4. Import data from a file InventoryListFromTCD.xml

Pay attention that some goods after rediscounting actual values ​​differ from the quantities of accounts. In this case, it means that there was a "regrading" - one product is less than 1, the other is more 1 than the quantity on accounting:

Fig. 5. Rediscounting act after loading the data. Differences in the quantity of residue of goods

After checking approve act correction remains. And note - the quantity of accounts in the register of goods changed in accordance with the newly approved act of correction residues:

Fig 6. Register of goods act after the approval correction remains

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