Data exchange

In this form you can choose the following:

  • Clearing the list of goods in inventory. Executed when loading a new list of items before the next inventory.
  • Import list of goods from the database, but rather, getting the list from Barcode Terminal Hosting. If the list already exists in memory, you will be asked to remove it. Be attentive when loading new data, because they remove the old ones. They can be conducted on products you rediscounting.
  • Export a list of items in a database, rather, the list of goods transfer application Barcode Terminal Hosting. From this list, your system will generate an act correction remains
Fig. 1. Action menu for data exchange Barcode Terminal with Barcode Terminal Hosting

Before the import and export of data, make sure that the application settings you entered the correct the connection information to the server that is running Barcode Terninal Hosting

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