Barcode Data Collection Terminal for Apple iPhone, Google Android, Windows Phone Smartphones

It transforms your iPhone or Android-smartphone or Windows Phone into real barcode data terminal.

  • Stocktaking in the shop without closing – it’s a reality!
  • Make stocktaking by any goods category during sale process.
  • No need to search good rows on paper sheets. Simply direct phone to barcode and enter quantity.


  • Price. Not simply low cost, but low cost twice!
  • Usability. Native, effectively, fast. Works from one hand.
  • Don’t forget – it’s a greate phone, photo and video camera and barcode scanner.

You need the following applications:

1. Barcode Terminal - application for smartphone (free)

2. Barcode Terminal Hosting - application for data exchange. Download (install it on PC)

Usefull references:

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ANDRIY.CO Barcode Terminal

Accounting Software for Small and Medium Business

Unlimited number of warehouses, retail outlets, offices, accounts. Warehousing and trading operations, cash and bank operations. Advanced and powerfull discount system. Automatic generation of Purchase Orders (PO). Mutual Settlements with Vendors and Customers. Teamwork with Pocket PC software TCUMobile. Accounting in the context of sales representatives; routes and route sheets. Planning and financial analysis and more others.

Use: from the individual entrepreneur to the supermarket chain, from food to household appliances Wholesale and retail trade.

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ТЦУ Эволюция. Список документов ТЦУ Эволюция. Права пользователей
ТЦУ Эволюция. Расходная накладная ТЦУ Эволюция. Права пользователей

Desktop OLAP system intended for analyzing data in real-time with building charts and diagrams on the fly. SoftKub convert database information into compact and summarized visual reports, thus addressing real-time business analysis needs. Users can easily change a report's layout visually in order to examine data from different/multiple perspectives. "See selected" technology allows building diagrams immediately after selection necessary data in consolidated table.
Продажи по клиентам и по категориям товаров (круговая диаграмма) Продажи по категориям товаров - сравнение по клиентам
Продажи по клиентам и по категориям товаров (столбцы) Сравнение продаж категорий товаров по месяцам

Front-office system that allows you to organize the work of the cashier in shops with different forms of care, including self-service.

Integrated with the accounting system TCU. It is a single module to work with commercial equipment.

Identifies piece or weight item by barcode different standards from the manufacturer, either on its own barcode, or at barcode, printed out by weights. Keep records of funds for fiscal and non-fiscal booths of different outlets (PE and jur. Persons) at a time (bring in, take-out funds, the proceeds).

Imposes low requirements for wire-speed connection to the database (when using MSSQL Server 2005-2008), which allows you to organize the database connection via the Internet. In addition to all have the opportunity to work with a "slice" of the database in the absence of a permanent connection to the server.

Supports fiscal registrars, working with discount cards, gives the X-and Z-reports. Allows you to flexibly configure the right teller, is a full log of actions.

Has low hardware requirements, works with all types of scanners, supports a wide range of models check printers. Time to train the cashier kept to a minimum.

Filled check Entry form Discount Card
Information on discounts for client Report on the goods sold

Shopdesk - practical application
The system of mobile trade and distribution for the PocketPC. Allows you to conduct sales, accept payment and send the application to the head office in real time. Significantly shortens the time between ordering and delivery of goods. Controlling debt client automatically calculate income he simple interface.
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The program for the control of movement and route sales representatives using TCU Mobile. The data is displayed in real time on an interactive map.

Here is a unique development.

Trade Accounting - the world's only full-fledged accounting system for small businesses that runs on Android smartphones and tablets.

Logs in various areas of small business, as in trade and in services.

Trade Accounting - the ideal solution for micro.

Free. Simple. And always with you!

Main menu Context Menu Item to open the possibility of purchasing card parties and movements
Goods List Good Editor

Online service that provides the ability to search by barcode SKUs EAN-13/UPC-A. Has an extensive database of products around the world.
This service is used in some of our products - Trade Accounting (Android), Barcode Terminal (for different platforms - Android, Windows Phone, iOS), and in the near future it support TCU-3