Barcode Terminal Hosting

This help topic describes the features of the second link in the overall scheme of interaction of three applications - applications Barcode Terminal Hosting. C it means data is written from the accounting system of the mobile device, and then back from the mobile device to the accounting system.

Fig. 1. The scheme of the exchange of data between Barcode Terminal and the database accounting system

Between the mobile device and Barcode Terminal Hosting data exchange occurs with web services, and between Barcode Terminal Hosting and accounting system - through files xml . Data exchange through xml-files made ​​specifically in order to simplify its implementation in any accounting system, make the application Barcode Terminal Hosting universal medium for the exchange of lists of goods between the accounting system and applications for your mobile device Barcode Terminal.

In this section, we describe the configuration of the application Barcode Terminal Hosting and tell you about working with files data exchange.

Video demonstrating the basic settings in Barcode Terminal (for example, applications for Android), Barcode Terminal Hosting Firewall and Windows:

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