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Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice: Document Header

1. Document Header.

Document No
The document number is set automatically, is incremented by one when you open a new document. You can specify the number manually.
Approve Date
Date of approve (creating) of the document. You can edit the posting date manually. For this must hold down the button with the date in the dialog box to specify the desired date.
The recipient of the goods.
Sales Invoice: List of Goods

2. The list of goods in the invoice. Goods is added to the invoice on the button "Add New" or by using a barcode scanner (the button "Scan"), Editor parties for sale opens . To edit or delete existing records, you can use the context menu (holding the box with the desired product).

Sales Invoice: Total Data

3. The totals of the document.

Purchase Amount
The amount of the purchase prices.
Sale Amount
The amount of invoice on the sale.
Profit Amount on the sale.
Percent of mark-up (average) for the full amount goods in the invoice.
Paid Amount
The amount paid to the document.
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