TCUMobile - brief description

Author:   Lyushenko Andriy,
SoftKB conducting final testing of mobile commerce (Van Selling), and distribution TCUMobile.
system is operated on a wholesale frozen products. In the near future, will launch TCUMobile the large distribution system. A few words about TCUMobile.
The main menu:

One of the objectives, which sought in the development of the program - the maximum ease of interface. Qualifying employees may differ in orders, the time to train new staff should be minimal.
paragraphs describe the main menu.
1. «Sales» used in trade with wheels (Van Selling) to extract spending bills of goods sold. When you click on the button «Sell» expenses will open a new bill.

«...» button to select a buyer from the directory clients. Click.

Clients grouped by first letter. When you click on the «+» Group disclosed. The red lines are the debtors. The blue color corresponds to the clients with a positive balance (for example, made an advance). Customers with a zero balance is not painted. Select the client and on the button «Details» (or double-click style) will open the card.

If we are interested in decoding the debt, please click on the button «mutual»

Table of settlements contain the details of cash and cash transactions with the selected client. To select the client in the expenditure invoice, simply click the menu item «Choose» at the bottom of the screen.

The customer selected. Now you must enter the invoice in the goods sold. Click on the button «Add».

Shops are divided into three groups, when you click on the «+» Group expands to select goods. Choose a product and click «Details».

To calculate the amount we can: enter the number of packages, change the number in the package, put in the number of separate units going without packing, finally, simply enter the number in the «Number». Discount can be calculated as a simple choice per cent from the drop-down list

Price also may be selected from five price price list. Press Select to enter new product in the consignment note. Repeat selection for multiple products

blue highlighted items at a discount. In the bottom of the form shows the amount of the invoice. To delete a position serves as the button «Delete». When finished goods entering the menu «Operation» click «Conduct». Following the approval of the invoice can be printed. You can also automatically create a document of payment.
2. main menu «You» is a collection of applications for customers (Pre Selling). Job applications are very similar to working with the spending bill. Let to differences: when orders are not reducing residue; an order does not alter the balance of the client; possible selection of products not available at the moment. 3
. main menu «payment» to enter payments from customers. Click on the button «Payment».

Select the payer and enter the amount. In the menu «Operation» click «Conduct».
4. All your documents, we can see when you click on the button «View Documents».

All of the documents can be opened for viewing. If the document has not yet been approved, you can edit. Delete the document may be choosing the same menu item.
5. To view the directory clients and directory products provide buttons «Clients» and «Goods», respectively. To facilitate the search for the desired entry in the directory serves as a powerful filtering system

6. Menu item «Settings» allows you to adjust the reference documents in real time on the FTP-server. Office program processor takes the data and import them into the accounting system. Your PDA can be connected to a mobile phone with BlueTooth.

The cost of sending a document to Kyivstar is about 4 pennies.
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