Installation and first startup ShopDesk (for Linux)

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As a test distribution was taken into Ubuntu Linux 7.10, as one of the most user-friendly distributions. However, installing on other Linux distributions do not differ from the process described below. Installation under MS Windows family of operating systems also must not cause hardship.


Before beginning the installation process, it is desirable to have configured network settings on your computer, which will make installing the application. Configuring network settings should not cause difficulties for users. Most modern Linux distributions include in its staff, developed the means to configure a graphical user interface. Using these configuration tools needed to configure a computer that will run the application «ShopDesk» to work on the network. In addition, should already be installed the basic system «Goods, Prices, Accounting ...» in the use of database servers MS SQL Server 2005 (you can use Express Edition).

After downloading the installation package c site SoftKB need to assign this right package for execution. This is done through a standard Unix-command chmod . For example, type this command to set the right to execute the installation package «ShopDesk» will be

As a result of a given command file ShopDesk _ unix _0_9_ beta 1. sh becomes executable. To start the installation process is run on the execution of this file. Then run the installation program

The next step of the wizard you must specify the directory in which to be installed «ShopDesk»

After gathering all necessary information for the installation wizard will install the application and related components on a computer

After unpacking and copying all the components of an application installation wizard displays a window with a message of successful installation

When an application is installed, it will be possible to prepare a desktop shortcut to run the application. Principles for the establishment of such a label run the same in all windows systems. Therefore focus on this issue does not make sense. In the catalog, which has been specified during the installation of an application already has a file shopdesktop. sh to run the application «ShopDesk». He is already running. Just run it on the execution of the console and application starts

Initial Setup application

For the first time the application «ShopDesk» give the message box, signals that are not filled with a list of outlets, which will be performed by the sale of goods

Next you must specify the connection settings in an application «ShopDesk» database to SQL-Server, which is the main accounting system «Goods, Prices, Accounting ...»

After successfully connecting to the server database system «Goods, Prices, Accounting ...» (using MS SQL Server 2005 Express) and your connection settings are saved when you start the application directly connects to the database system «Goods, Prices, Accounting ...».

After successfully connecting to the database you need to configure the parameters of the application. The dialog settings is called by an application menu commands «Application -> Preferences ...»

On the «Main» specified applications such settings as the details of the company, customers, users, and the art of motion by default.

tab «Extra» a group of controls to specify directories discharge papers. These catalogs in the future should be listed in the «Goods, Prices, Accounting ...» as catalogs from which to «engage» document the sale. Based on these files will be formed consumables overhead showing completed sales.

Using element «Jersey next document» You can also set the number of the next paper contract. This number will be used in the formation of the first document. After the wiring of the document this number will be increased by one. And so when the subsequent entry documents. Tick «Print checks on your printer» include the ability to print checks on the printer.

tab «Shops» is intended to generate a list of outlets, which will be performed by the sale of goods. When reading the bar code application is looking for it only to those outlets, which are indicated in this list. If the goods are not found at any retail outlet list, the corresponding message is issued and the goods will not be included in the emerging market.

for manipulating the list of records of the outlets are two buttons on the built-in list of toolbars. Use them to add a new shop, and delete the selected point from the list

to trade can also be added to establish a sign of fiscal outlet. Symptom fiscal pointed to the fact that on the outlet will be fiscal accountability.

After you have specified the basic parameters and a list of outlets annex «ShopDesk» ready to go. It's enough to connect the USB-barcode scanner and start the execution of the sale of goods

to the end of the purchase amount must be obtained from the client. You can enter through an appropriate dialog box

After entering the amount from the client application to calculate the date that you want to surrender to the hands of the buyer. Then you can wire instrument: common or fiscal.

Maintain cash journal

Annex «ShopDesk» in his work logs Cashier. When you sell an amount of sale is entered into the cash desk of retail outlet, which is produced for sale. In addition, cash outlets, you can manually make money. This operation must be done before the shift operator, cashier. After the end of a shift cashier can make removal of funds from the cashier for accountability. In addition, the removal means can be made at any time, for example, payments to suppliers. All these operations are recorded in a special journal Cashier. To view these transactions in paper form in the annex provides cash records: X-and Z-recorded statement. X-record can be formed at any one time; Z-report forms only at the end of the day and shop with the full removal of all ticket offices of all outlets.

Manage cash resources of the outlets is carried out in dialogue «Cash - flow of funds». Open from the menu, it can be «Cashier -> Working with insurance»

When selecting records outlet, depending on the trait to its fiscal will be activated the group of buttons. For donations to the cash desk of the outlet you need to select the desired point and press the button «contribute to». Annex propose perform user authentication. The user name and password by default - 1.

Upon successful authentication you will need to specify the amount entered in the cashier through dialogue amounts of input.

After contribute to the fund, both retail outlet table dialogue «Cash - flow of funds» can take this kind of

Similar operations carried out by removal of funds from the selected fund, or amount of output states after user authentication, the cashier.

Print final cash X-and Z-reporting is done by clicking on «Print reports». The user will be presented with a dialogue authorization, after which he will be able to select the desired type of cash account. Cash report will be sent to the printer of checks, attached to the parallel port kompyutera.

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