Trade Accounting - system of warehouse and sales accounting for Android-devices

Author:   Kravchenko Andriy,

A bit of history

As we have mentioned, the interest in android-platform arose from the complete life cycle of the platform Windows Mobile. Since our solution for trading and collecting bids TCU Mobile exploited enough mass, then there was an urgent need for the development of the decision, despite the change of platform. When the choice fell on Android, it was decided to first implement a compact design - data collection terminal Barcode Terminal . This platform allowed us to study and gain the necessary experience.

During the creation of Barcode Terminal, we felt considerable interest to users of mobile solutions for business. Come on proposals to implement on a mobile platform analogue Shopdesk, and even full-fledged accounting system to trade. Having taken all factors into account, we decided to do more than one application, and once the platform. And indeed, if we consider the problems that are solved accounting application, an application for a mobile commerce application and a cashier, you can allocate a lot of the same operations. But, most importantly, all these operations are a subset of the full operations of the accounting system. Therefore, the accounting system of trade and a warehouse has been decided to stop.

Purpose and Requirements

Given that the mobile platform has limited capabilities, then this application is intended primarily for compact and simple business, designated by the term "micro". What is this business?

  • MLM - trade (Amway, Faberlic, etc.). Came to the customer, the catalog chosen and created a phone order (if made ??to order) or invoice (if you have a product in a bag), and had her pay.
  • Plumber had repaired, prepared cost estimates, presented to the customer (or even printed), spent an invoice, payment received.
  • Come on-call hairdresser vows-colored, wrote a check, took charge.

On this basis, the main requirement - accounting for only one outlet. This greatly simplifies the application immediately, as its interface and internal structure.


In view of the fact that the developers of Ukraine shall not publish paid applications on Android Market, we just left the choice. The application will be absolutely free.

So, get acquainted:

Trade Accounting

  1. The interface is maximally simplified.
  2. Documents can be viewed as a single list, and on a certain type.
  3. Goods and customers can be added directly in the process of creating the invoice.
  4. The principle of approved-suspended document.
  5. Automatic calculation of cash balances.
  6. Card movement of goods and the balance for each commodity in the context of purchasing parties.
  7. Automatic calculation of debt clients.
  8. Card for settlements with the contractor. For any period, with the mapping of incoming and outgoing balance.
  9. Maximum use of the standard capabilities of the platform Android, such as context menus, menu button, save the button "Back" and, most importantly, the use of standard search on the button "Search" (in some models of phones "search" button is missing, in this case, the search invoked by holding down the "Menu"). Thus, you can implement search by part name, or part of the sheet.
  10. Now for the good moments. You can choose the product by scanning a barcode with a camera phone.
  11. Andriy.Co always serious about backing up data. In the Trade Accounting may store data in Google Docs.


  1. Adding charts and graphs. This is the immediate task. Implemented as of 11/24/2011
  2. Images of the goods. Implemented as of 11/24/2011
  3. Ability to send orders to suppliers via the Internet. Implemented as of 11/24/2011
  4. Pair with a "big" accounting systems. Implemented as of 11/24/2011
  5. Adaptation to the plates.
  6. The implementation of this decision on the basis of the next version of TCU Mobile. Implemented as of 11/24/2011 (beta version)
  7. The implementation of this decision based on the mobile version of Shopdesk (boutiques for clothes, shoes, souvenirs, etc.)

Detailed guidance (including video) on the program will be ready soon. Implemented as of 24.11.2011

Download application, please visit Android Market .

Note: This article was obtained through a machine translation. We would appreciate any comments.

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