BarCode Terminal

Barcode Data Collection Terminal for Apple iPhone, Google Android, Windows Phone Smartphones

It transforms your iPhone or Android-smartphone or Windows Phone into real barcode data terminal.

  • Stocktaking in the shop without closing – it’s a reality!
  • Make stocktaking by any goods category during sale process.
  • No need to search good rows on paper sheets. Simply direct phone to barcode and enter quantity.


  • Price. Not simply low cost, but low cost twice!
  • Usability. Native, effectively, fast. Works from one hand.
  • Don’t forget – it’s a greate phone, photo and video camera and barcode scanner.

You need the following applications:

1. Barcode Terminal - application for smartphone (free)

2. Barcode Terminal Hosting - application for data exchange. Download (install it on PC)

Usefull references:

Main form The form entry of the number Upload data from the terminal Menu data Filter for search products
For what?
To make the stocktaking quickly, efficiently and on time.
Do you have the accounting system? Sales process is fully automated? Excellent! But remained an important stage, which is not complete without pen and paper. This is stocktaking. This application + phone, which based on Google Android, solves this problem once and forever.
For whom?
You are the shop owner? You must close the shop for one or two days for stokctaking? You lose money and customers? You have a shortage? You don’t know who steal? Sellers or buyers? Notice ANDRIY.CO BarCode Data Collection Terminal . This solution will allow you to think about development, not about survival.
What hardware need?
An ordinary phone based on Google Android. Price? Starting at $ 170 now. And of course need the program. Which we have developed. You can download it from here .
How does it work?
There are three basic steps :
  • Loading data on goods items into the phone.
  • Scan the barcodes of products with a camera phone and enter the product quantity.
  • Uploading stocktaking results to computer.
Approving stocktaking result in accounting system.
  • No need to search good items in paper list.
  • No need calculate result quantity, if goods item spotted repeatedly in other places.
  • No errors with good item selection.
  • No delays with good item seeking on 50 paper sheets (for example, may be 100 paper sheets).
  • Do not spend time entering data into the inventory act.
  • No error during entering result into inventory act.
  • And the main thing. It is always possible to make selective stocktaking to different goods categories without closing the shop. As experience shows, it keeps the staff on their toes and after several layoffs excludes theft forever.
What is the cost?
Barcode Terminal is absolutely free.
Barcode Terminal hosting cost 20 USD
You can use unlimited number of Android devices with one Barcode Terminal Hosting application

It has long been gathered to update the phone?

There excellent opportunity!