Accounting in the repair workshop

Author:   Alimova Elena,

How to organize the work of the enterprise, providing services, consider the example of a workshop to repair mobile phones.

The client rents the device to workshop on repair mobile phones.

In the system we introduce the location "Reception", which is acceptance of the phones. The client sends us your mobile phone as material value. In the event of injury, damage or loss caused by the phone company will need to compensate material damage to the client. Consequently, at the stage of acceptance must include an evaluation of this unit and its posting on the lpcation "Reception" for the installed cost of the contract. Invoice is formed, which must indicate the serial number of your phone to avoid further accidental substitution. Principles and rules for assessing phones are defined by management. It is recommended to fill the form with information about the phone, identifying and detailing the reasons that prompted the customer to contact the service center, etc.

The phone should now be passed directly to the master. The enterprise can run a few wizards. In this case, each master must be represented by a separate point, which will be transfer of a machine. At the location "Reception" is written on the Goods Transfer Note for each device separately, with data on the phone from a credit note.

The master device diagnoses and needed repairs. If repairs need any spare parts, the master receives them from the warehouse. This movement of goods in the system is reflected by a pair of documents: the requirement to transfer from the master bill of lading and on the transfer from a warehouse foreman.

In fact, giving the machine the client is in the same place as the acceptance. But better to create a single location "Issue" in order to avoid confusion in the system of units, only arrived in the repair and those intended for the client.

Further, according to the invoice to the transfer, refurbished phone comes from the master to the location "Issue". Attached is a master of Invoice written out to the client, which made ​​the list of parts used for repairs, the cost of diagnosis, a list of completed works. Learn how to keep records of activities and services that will help you Training center.

At the location "Issue" from the client receives payment for the repairs on the expenditure invoice issued by a master, receipt forms cash order. Here the customer is issued Sales Invoice on the phone with the sum of estimates of this unit. Debt to clients arising at the time of posting staff to the location "Reception" is extinguished by this expenditure invoice. Thus, the system allows you to track the movement of vehicles and components, and control settlements with customers.

Such a scheme of work can be used for small workshops and large service centers, which in addition to repair involved in selling phones and accessories, provide other services.

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