What is this list? Who are these people and why their data published here?

This is not just another social networking site. And not even a draft of the government. This is a list of users of software products ANDRIY.CO. Rather, that part of the users who have supported our project. The aim of this project is to bring together users of our software products in communities of interest. Thanks to them, users can exchange views on our products, provide technical support to each other (and this happens!), To form a collective opinion and influence the development of projects of our company.

All users of this list were allowed to publish their data. As you can see, the list of data is minimal and only in order to help beginners geographically close contact with users, perhaps even familiar hometown, or users of a certain kind of activity.

Among other things, we provide a software ANDRIY.CO users use our site to develop and promote their companies: publish information about themselves, their companies, about the services of the business interests. It is assumed that this information will be made available a large number of potential customers, customers, and partners.

In gratitude for the participation in the community, ANDRIY.CO provides a 20% discount on the purchase of any of our products!

How it works, what it's all about?

Have you noticed that the real opinion of the product is formed only from my own experience working with it? And that advertising husks not give a complete picture of the product, illuminating it with only one, the best part?

If you are just learning products ANDRIY.CO, you may be interested to get the opinion of an independent person. Or even a few individuals. About the product itself, on the company with customers. Subjective, but independent opinions of different users provide objective side of the issue, which will help you to take the final decision. However, do not forget that you can only fully trust your opinion!

How to get on the list and get a discount?

On the edit user profile page fill in the fields, leave feedback and information about their company, give permission to publish these data and you subscribe newsletters. In return you will receive a 20% discount on any of our software!

If you subsequently turn a beginner, you find in this list, please, pay attention to him, share your opinion about our products. You, too, were a rookie. Pass the baton goodness!

Our principles of work with the user community

We are collecting reviews a large number of software users ANDRIY.CO, while we remain totally independent. We are not subject to anyone's influence and only accept constructive suggestions, reserving the right of final decision.

We never delete negative reviews. We never fix reviews. We do not publish reviews that contain obscenities or spam, but we provide an opportunity to correct your review and send it again.

We expect feedback from all users who have real experience of using any of our products. All reviews are provided to us for free.

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тимохин Андрей

Ukraine, с богоявленка, донецкая,

Phone: show

Company: бащинский

Activity: Food & Beverage

Волосатов Иван Игоревич

Волосатов Иван Игоревич

Kazakhstan, Костанай, Костанайская,

Phone: show

Company: ТД "СКАЗ"

Activity: Clothing, footwear, accessories

Каликов Андрей

Russia, Сыктывкар, Республика Коми,

Phone: show

Company: gold jeans

Activity: Clothing, footwear, accessories

Курбанова Светлана Николаевна

Turkmenistan, Ашхабад, Средняя Азия, г.Ашхабад, 6 мкр., 2 пр., дом22, кв 20.

Phone: show

Company: Х.О. Пурсат

Activity: Books, CD, DVD, audio, video

Махов Алексей Сергеевич

Russia, Геленджик, Краснодарский край, Маячная 50-а

Phone: show

Company: ИП Махов

Activity: Automobiles

More about: Автозапчасти и автоаксесуары, автокосметика.

Только ознакамливаюсь с программой, но на вид очень симпатично :)

Зайнуллин Эдуард

Russia, Казань, Татарстан, Карбышева, 17-45

Phone: show

Company: физ.лицо

Activity: Sports goods

Хайрутдинов Камиль

Russia, Казань, Татарстан, ул. Б.Шахиди 17, тц Модная Семья

Phone: show

Company: Салон Gabbiano Казань

Web: http://vk.com/gabbianokzn

Activity: Clothing, footwear, accessories

More about: Свадебный салон в ТЦ Модная Семья, 2 этаж. Более 300 наименований свадебных платьев, аксессуары, украшения, фаты, перчатки.

Малый Михаил

Russia, Казань, Татарстан, ул. Чуйкова д.43 кв.6

Phone: show

Company: Магазин Geek Store

Web: http://geek-store.ru

Activity: Gifts, Toys

Важенин Илья Олегович

Russia, Геленджик, Краснодарский Край, ул. Луначарского, д.133

Phone: show

Company: Dion-beauty

Web: http://dion-beauty.com

Activity: Cosmetics, Beauty

Малый Михаил

Russia, Казань, Татарстан, ул. Чуйкова 43 кв.6

Phone: show

Company: Аквила

Activity: Books, CD, DVD, audio, video

Салахутдинов Михаил

Russia, Казань, РТ, Авангардная 66

Phone: show

Company: Vegas

Activity: Furniture, interior