ANDRIY.CO is a leading developer of business accounting software.
The Company was founded in 1998 by two software engeneers Andriy Kravchenko and Andriy Mukan.
The company flagship product - accounting system for small and medium-sized businesses «Trade Control Utility».

Our Mission

Make happy founders, managers and staff of commercial and manufacturing companies, providing them with a system of accounting that will provide them the maximum economic effect, the possession of information, control over the activities of the company and confidence in decision-making. Give employees a convenient and powerful tool to effectively solve all the problems - from most important to the secondary.

How we work

We carefully study the business of our clients, the experience of competitors and emerging technologies. Based on this knowledge and our original ideas we develop its accounting system for small and medium-sized businesses.
We are constantly engaged in advanced research and development to develop a product based on the most advanced technologies and ideas.

Mass product

We are developing a mass product, which can be used in the company without additional work on the introduction and adaptation, it is suitable for use immediately.
We pay much attention to the simplicity of the interface that allows users to quickly learn the product and get the expected result.
We provide product quality and reliability to ensure the minimum cost customer service.

We offer more than expected

We want to broaden your understanding of the traditional accounting system, providing extra-class product, made with great love, each of which brought to the brink of perfection. When clients begin to work with the system, when we see a pleasant surprise - for us this is the ultimate joy and praise. For this purpose we work.

Our Clients

Thousands of people in more than twenty countries using SoftKB products in their daily basic work. Map Study illustrate this. Every light on the map - this locality, in which users of our products. We make no distinction between clients megapolises and small towns, between large companies and private entrepreneurs. Every client is equally important to us, so every day at the new light map lights .


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