SoftKB starts the training center!

Monday, August 10, 2009

With great satisfaction that the company SoftKB announces the launch of training center.

main task of the training center - practical skills with products SoftKB. As a result, training courses should be prepared by a qualified, able to effectively carry out practical work.

Independent Study
Courses Training Centre are designed for individual study. If you have just started to explore TCU, sequential study courses, ranging from simple to complex, will allow you to quickly become a qualified specialist, and use the program to all 100%!

Courses Training Centre can be successfully applied in domestic academies of companies and enterprises for the training of qualified specialists. Independent study with an examination would allow efficient use of time as the trainees, and training of persons whose detachment from the main work is economically unjustified. In the case of self-study courses, a qualified specialist can be held only at the time of an examination for students.

local partners
We very much hope that the materials training center will be very useful to our local partners, and greatly facilitate their work. This will allow partners to focus on solving problems launch, and greatly save time in solving problems training.

Currently completed a course Welcome TCU!, which is in the form of tour acquaints the user with Basics TCU, and forms a general idea of the system of.

SoftKB plans to train 1 new course every week. After a sufficient amount of material they will be grouped by the themes and learning objectives. We also plan to implement a system of automatic test following the course of making recommendations for further study of the necessary materials.

Welcome to the Training Center!