Thursday, July 5, 2007

SoftKB prepares a new version of TСU2. Completely redesigned user interface. Ability to work with ribbon (Ribbon) in the style of MS Office 2007. Large buttons, simple navigation, contextual tab allows you to select the appropriate tools.
forms of documents so is processed. Titles overhead is now located on the departures side panels, which gives a lot of advantages in the recruitment of the goods in the invoice - the user sees on the screen longer records of goods and more columns.
At this time, accounting for remote offices - a pressing task . Moreover, the preferred option for a single database of all units, including both remote, and the head office. TСU2 SQL is designed to work with databases via the Internet. There was a lot of work to adapt the user interface to new requirements.
Testing is conducted on channels of Internet access at speeds of 128K, which is standard for ADSL modems. Asynchronous queries when downloading large amounts of data allows the user does not perceive the delays.
Control of downloadable data became more rigid, resulting in a significant acceleration download forms and guides.