Trade Accounting

Here is a unique development.

Trade Accounting - the world's only full-fledged accounting system for small businesses that runs on Android smartphones and tablets.

Logs in various areas of small business, as in trade and in services.

Trade Accounting - the ideal solution for micro.

Free. Simple. And always with you!

Main menu Goods List Context Menu Item to open the possibility of purchasing card parties and movements Good Editor Settlement on the client The menu of a document selected by type Good Issue Note Receipt cash order

Trade Accounting has been successfully used where it is impossible to use the traditional "big" computers.

    You can:
  • Consider the purchase of stock directly from the supplier
  • Keep track of the plane, train, and even in your car
  • Take orders from customers outside the home and office
  • Consider selling the container
  • Keep records of money
  • Accounting and settlement of debts being automatically

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