TCU Mobile

The system of mobile trade and distribution for the PocketPC. Allows you to conduct sales, accept payment and send the application to the head office in real time. Significantly shortens the time between ordering and delivery of goods. Controlling debt client automatically calculate income he simple interface.
Main menu New Goods Issue Note List of clients The data of the client Settlement on the client New Goods Issue Note List of goods items Card of goods Goods Issue Note contains goods items Receipt cash order List of documents Quick search of products with a filter Settings
Interaction with accounting systems

TCUMobile interacts with the system of "Goods Prices, accounting ...." References products and customers, cash balances and a mutual loaded from a database TCU. If necessary TCUMobile may be associated with any of the well-known accounting systems.


Simple and understandable interface

In developing the program focus on creating a simple interface. This allows you to train new employees as little as soon as possible. The main menu will make available to challenge any transaction (sales, ordering, payment) in the one-touch. For example, to open an expenditure bill to press button. Names of customers are sorted in alphabetical order and grouped by first letter. Customer lists and product support contextual colors. To quickly find the right product or customer is engaged efficient filtration system. The card allows you to see the current mutual status of the client.


Single list of documents

All documents are recruited in the current session have been grouped into a single list. Any document can be opened for viewing. If the document has not yet been approved, you can edit or delete.


Printing documents

All documents are printed forms. Printing via Bluetooth or serial interface.


Send orders in real-time

To send documents to the head office would need a mobile phone with Bluetooth and GPRS (to better EDGE). This greatly shortens the time between ordering and delivery of goods by the buyer. The cost of sending a document does not exceed 1 cent.