The new version ShopDesk. Cashier's Office is now ready to work with different accounting systems!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Important changes - now ShopDesk fully supports user authentication basic accounting system. Necessary law, custom administrator to back-office part of the accounting system, define the powers of cashiers in the field. Such an approach is possible to hold office in the zone of responsibility of the cashier to open it at the beginning of the change and not allowing the other cashier to work with it before the closing date of the change.

Distribution is included in the test database. It also allows to solve the problem of pairing ShopDesk to databases and records systems, as distinct from TCU-3. Now ShopDesk can work without TCU - while maintaining close integration with the native system the opportunity to work with other accounting systems. More detail on the proposed technology can be found Help from the distribution or online help.

Information for users who are updating to the current version of ShopDesk: Make sure that the main accounting system, the cashier open right to the following:

  • creation and approval of the expenditure invoice
  • creation and adoption of the cash receipts orders
  • revaluation product
  • shipment in less