TCU 3.11

Sunday, July 6, 2008
The new version TCU 3.11
In TCU Ultra added to orders for suppliers, added the automatic calculation of requirements in the order (stock assessment). For each product (in the cart of goods) can be automatically displays the parameters of the evaluation period and the safety factor.
Added the report "Comparison of goods on the points." The report is relevant, since editorial TCU Evolution.
Been some work on the changing styles of lists and tables.
The report on the sales agent in the list of bills is now seen not only the amount of payment for each invoice, but also the amount of returned packing. < br> pick a program you can here
Approaching two projects, I think we can discover some details.
1. Price Analysis. Leading developer Sinyavsky Sergei
main objective of the system - to analyze, organize and consolidate incoming information on price lists from different vendors, with different names for the same product, different size prices. The task is complicated, but in the principle of self, and, over time, the price analysis becomes indispensable. Many things still are not clear, is actively debated at next week's draft will go to run on one of the firms.
2. Cube. System OLAP-analysis. The basic idea - to become attached to any database (server, file) with all available means, to pull out of their data and analyze. The tool is interesting, is run.
Start preparing the description.