TCU Start!

Friday, March 7, 2008
SoftKb presents a new accounting system for the goods, prices, account ... " Version 3. It will have 5 editors to cover the widest range of user requirements - from the simple (and free) program for the storage of goods at one warehouse, to a major multi-and multi-SQL-server platform. Editions will be the following titles:
1. TСU Home - free storage program, the most simple to use, with a full set of tools to account for warehouse operations.
2. TСU Standard - a system of warehouse, commercial and financial accounting. The main difference from TСU Home - accounting finance, debt, mutual. Contains all the tools necessary to complete accounting for one outlet.
3. TСU Evolution. The main difference from TCU Standard - Support for unlimited number of retail outlets and warehouses. We introduce the separation of user rights to access to the outlets and the right to opertsii. Rights can be specified very subtly, through the development of system settings.
4. TCU Network. All previous versions supported the work over the network from a database using a file server. TCU Network allows you to work with the database, deployed on the platform of Microsoft SQL Server different editions, including the free Express Edition.
5. TCU Ultra. Used the complete set of capabilities without any restrictions. Routes, route lists, agents, production (coming soon), support for data collection terminals, control weight and volume of goods, etc.
At this time a distro version TCU Home and TCU Standard